Divorce is often one of the most stressful and hardest times in a person’s life. While stress during a divorce is often unavoidable and filled with emotions, it is important to remain calm and try to manage the situation as best as you can. Psychologists say we should avoid making important decisions during periods of high stress. If that is the case, divorce can be even more difficult since the process is filled with decision-making.

To handle the stress of a divorce in a healthy manner, consider the following:

Take the time to focus on your breathing throughout the day. Practicing meditative techniques that focus on slowly inhaling and exhaling will help you concentrate on your present responsibilities instead of dwelling on the what-ifs and nitty gritty details of your divorce that may replay over and over in your mind. If you have trouble focusing on your breaths, try counting to 10 as you inhale and then counting back down to one as you exhale. This will help you pay attention to your breathing and improve your overall disposition rather than let your mind wander.

Staying active through exercise, hobbies and other social activities is also a great way to manage stress. Don’t let your health decline while you go through the divorce process. Get regular exercise (which is a natural stress reducer), obtain a full night’s sleep, eat healthy meals and stay social to maintain a balanced life and make you feel better all around. Making time for friends and family will also help you remember that life will go on and you can move forward.

It is crucial to think reassuring thoughts throughout your day during a divorce. Remind yourself everything will work out and you have loved ones on your side. Also remember that your divorce doesn’t have to be finalized until you are satisfied with the results, and you can take your time to consider all your options. Your attorney is there for you and is working to make sure your best interests are met.

One of the best ways to handle stress during a divorce is to opt for a collaborative divorce rather than litigation. A collaborative divorce allows people the luxury of less stress and a stronger grieving period. The pace is set by the couple rather than the courts and allows for individuals to have more time to work through their stress or grief if they need it.

If both individuals can meet, sit and talk in the same room to discuss their matters in a mature and respectable way, collaborative divorce may be the best way to handle a divorce.

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