Divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved. It’s a period of drastic change and can be a very emotional process. Unfortunately, this can cause those involved to stop thinking reasonably, which may lead to some big mistakes. The best way to prevent these mistakes is to be aware of them. Here’s a list of some of the biggest divorce mistakes couples make.

Forgetting to Update Documents

When you get married, chances are you and your spouse created a will and updated all the beneficiaries on your insurance policies and retirement plans to each other. You may have even combined some pre-existing accounts or policies. When you get divorced, make sure you go through and update your estate planning documents, insurance policies, retirement plans and bank accounts. If you fail to do this and something happens, your ex will receive the payouts on these accounts.

Losing Control

Everyone likes to give advice, but make sure you always maintain control of the situation. Don’t take legal advice from friends or family members, even if they’ve been in your situation. Make sure your attorney is acting on behalf of your best interest and focus on what you want rather than what your attorney or ex wants. Finding a good attorney who is communicative and respectful is a must.

You also need to maintain control of your emotions. While it may be tempting to act out of anger, it will only make the divorce process more difficult. Stick to the facts on what you can and can’t do, and keep calm. It’ll be worth it.

Making Uneducated Decisions

There are tons of decisions to be made in a divorce. You need to fully understand all the possible outcomes before committing to anything. Educate yourself on all your rights and options available to you, and work together with your attorney to make sure you completely understand what is happening. Full understanding leads to educated decisions.

If you are the primary caregiver of children and have not had a job in a while, you should think about the financial burdens that come with taking over a home.

Settling for Less Than You Deserve

In most situations, there should be a clean separation of assets between couples. Make sure to take your post-divorce expenses into account and evaluate what you can afford. Don’t allow fear or guilt to dictate this process. Your attorney is there to help.

Not Considering an Alternative to Litigation

A lot of people jump right into litigation without considering any alternatives. For example, collaborate divorces are less stressful and can be a much smoother process. You’re able to make decisions for yourself rather than a judge making them for you, and you stay out of court. This is a great way to decrease the high emotional tension associated with litigation.

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